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Fruit Picking

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The visit includes


A short explanatory movie


Instruction on biological pest control, bees and transparent beehives


A picking basket to take home and free eating in the field


Relaxation greenhouse, herbal tea and strawberry-chocolate fondue


Activity greenhouse for children and a changing creative workshop on Saturdays

Standard ticket price

You can upgrade your visit with


Strawberry flower pot


Baking ‘Pitta’ in a Tabun


Squeezing fresh orange juice

Upgraded ticket price
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Upcoming fruit picking events

Please note – below is a ticket purchase system for the upcoming fruit picking dates (secure payment by credit card).

Tickets must be purchased in advance, otherwise we cannot guarantee your place.

If there are no available events it is possible that the amount of fruit in the field is low and it will be closed.

We upload tickets to the site according to the state of the field and therefore suggest you try again later.

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