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Sure, great that you’ve asked. We wanted to give our guests an experiential visit that includes more than fruit picking and eating of happy healthy strawberries directly from the plants (not that that's little...). Therefore, the visit opens with a short film explaining our growing methods and the rules of behavior in the farm. Then you are invited to our greenhouses to pick and eat strawberries of different varieties. Eating in the field is unlimited. It is possible and even recommended to eat our strawberries directly from the plant without rinsing. Every participant is invited to collect strawberries to a basket of a quarter of kg that he may take home.

On Saturdays you can also enjoy fascinating tutorial in which you will learn a little about us and about biological pest control, learn about the bees and their role in the ecological system and in our farm and you'll watch them in transparent beehives.

When you feel full you are welcome to the relaxation greenhouse, in which there is a sitting area and picnic tables. Treat yourself with some herbal tea and a dreamy chocolate-strawberry fondue. While you rest, the children are invited to the activity greenhouse located across, to participate in a fun arts and crafts workshop, blow soap bubbles, small Gymboree and wall paint.

All these activities are included in the standard ticket price. You can upgrade your visit and enjoy planting a strawberry plant, squeezing fresh orange juice and preparing a pitta bread in a Tabun – all of these included in the upgraded ticket. 

So see you in Ruach-Shtut!

The price of a regular ticket is 50 NIS per visitor on weekdays and 60 NIS per visitor on a Saturday. 

You can upgrade your visit with extra activities at a cost of 10 NIS per activity. The offered activities are planting a strawberry plant, squeezing fresh orange juice and preparing pitta bread in a Tabun.  

An upgraded ticket includes entrance and 3 additional activities with a discount.  The price of an upgraded ticket is 75 NIS per visitor on weekdays and 85 NIS per visitor on a Saturday. 

Babies in a baby carrier or in a baby stroller don't pay, everyone else do. The price for a child and an adult is the same but you can purchase a different type of ticket for each family member (for example, a standard ticket for a parent and an upgraded ticket for a child, so that the child can enjoy the three additional activities).

Groups are more than welcome and we have a variety of alternative visit options so we can adjust the visit to the group's needs, interest and budget. BUT – we refer to groups as of minimum 25 participants and not on Saturdays. For further details visit our Groups and Events page. Learn more

The easiest way to reach us is to insert "Ruach Shtut" in Waze. We are located right across the open shopping center at the entrance of Kibutz Gan Shmuel.

We are on road 65 between Hadera and Pardes Hana - 5 minutes drive from Caesarea interchange (road 2) or Iron interchange (road 6).

Since your experience is important to us, we upload tickets for purchase to our website according to the amount of fruit in the field. On Sunday we walk through the field, evaluate the fruit status, and accordingly upload a limited amount of tickets to our website. Towards the weekend we re-evaluate, usually on Wednesday afternoon, and accordingly upload tickets to the website.  The number of tickets we issue for sale is relative to the quantity of strawberries for picking and therefore no visitors will be allowed without a pre-purchased ticket.

No problem at all. Your entry ticket is valid throughout the season. You just have to re-schedule your visit with us. Contact us in Wattsap or email and coordinate a new visit date. In special cases we will consider giving a refund – talk with us.

If there is no event on the date you're looking for, it means that the fruit picking will be closed on that day or that no tickets have been uploaded for that date. 

If you tried to purchase tickets for a specific date and tickets were sold out, we recommend that you try again later.  We estimate every Sunday and Wednesday the fruit quantity and status in the field and upload the relative amount of tickets for sale to our website. On Thursday, we re-evaluation and if possible, add extra tickets. So just come back to the website and check. We also strongly recommend that you follow our Facebook updates where we update each time we upload tickets for sale to the website.

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